Welter & Wine, Why?

So not only are we a band, writing, producing original music for the good life, we all work in the wine industry, something we think is pretty unique that a whole band also happens to work in the wine business. "Music For The Good Life" encumbers our connection to wine, family, friends and community.

We started to think about how can we join this all together? then I was thinking about how we want to play private house concerts as a new way to gig, then I thought why not offer a wine tasting with our gigs but done in a storytelling format.






Elliott Weston (singer-songwriter above) has an amazing ability as a storyteller, which is his approach when it comes to running a wine tasting. He engages the audience the same way he does when we are playing. Wine tastings can be quite boring, even boarding on pompous at times, (believe me, I've been to a few)  now there is a time and place for this type of wine tasting, but not at a house concert, what we are doing is breaking the third wall down and getting up close and personal with the guest.

After the wine tasting, guest's fill their glasses and we change our caps from wine guru's to musos for a semi-acoustic gig of Welter songs. It's a great time had by all, we love it because we get to play to a captured audience, which you don't always get in a noisy venue. 


So this is one way Welter is celebrating Music For The Good Life, by bringing fine wines and wine knowledge to afternoon/evening house concerts, creating an experience for everyone including ourselves.

There's nothing better than getting good friends together around good food and wine and great music. That's what we call living the good life. 


  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • What a brilliant idea! Looks like a lot of fun.

    Linda Muraca

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