• Welter's New Album Release

        Welter - Catching Lightning Album Launch 24/03/2023 “Why is it so?” Welter strode onto stage accompanied by a backing track peppered with the ...
  • The Red Roof Barn

    It's pretty hard to wipe the smile off our faces at the moment. :)
  • New Album Is On The way

    Covid, forced us to spend 12 months in pre-production, this has paid off big time!
  • A-Live And Streaming

    But the potential exposure in streaming live, is a game changer for independent bands that you just don't get playing at the local. "Streaming is the new live" and it sure ain't going away anytime soon.
  • Let's go Live! And live a little

    He soars, groans and cries and he makes this live album live a little.....?.
    Nah. Live a lot!
  • A World Of Isolation

    So What Do Musicians Do Now   If you'd told me a year ago that next year the arts industry will virtually disappear overnight, I would have said...