Let's go Live! And live a little

Holding a mirror up to life comes with much anxiety. So many demons, fears and questions arise as the edit brain kicks in and starts to analyse. Deleting ideas and quantifying inspiration. Being in front of the mirror, or the camera or the microphone comes with a great challenge. That is, you must be honest. With the audience, whoever they may be, but most importantly, honest with yourself. 

When Dave suggested we record our current live set late last year, I admit, I was nervous and apprehensive but excited as well. We had just had a string of superb shows and because Jake, Dave and I had been rehearsing and playing together consistently for years we were so solid. Heath Nicholson on guitar, however, was only a new to the band. Heath is a seriously accomplished player and he really brought all that experience to our live gigs. His unique take on spacious guitar sounds filled the empty holes in our live sound perfectly. But how would we, and him, stand up to the Old Grey Whistle Test? The Mirror, recording live in front of the cameras in a recording studio?

 In late 2019, with Tony Wall's steady hand at the producing desk and well supported by Nick Hodgkins on the cameras, we recorded 28 songs over a weekend that have honestly astounded us. This is easily the best live recording we have done but, not just that, also some of our best recording.

We have compiled the best tracks into a Live Video Studio Album of 14 songs. From Water to Air. I know you are going to love this as much as I do.

As for Heath's guitaring? Well.
He soars, groans and cries and he makes this live album live a little.....?.

Nah. Live a lot!

Link to our crowdfunding site: https://igg.me/at/weltermusicfunding






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