New Album Is On The way

We are currently in the middle of recording our new album at A Sharp Studio in Sydney., which we will be releasing early 2023, our plan is to release some singles this year, which we are really excited about. 

Covid, forced us to spend 12 months in pre-production. All of us set up home studios so we could record and send audio files to each other, creating high quality multi track demo recordings, which we would then send to our producer, Tony Wall. This paid off big time! because it gave us the luxury to really put our songs under the microscope with Tony, who has worked on our previous albums.

Tony has really challenged us all on this album, bringing out some of our best performances and new songs to date. We can't wait to release the singles, followed by the album, as we believe this is our biggest album yet.

We wanted to take the listener on a sonic, musical journey with this album, songs that have a real soundscape depth to them, right through to classic in your face rock. We have really enjoyed exploring the far ends of Welter's musical spectrum.

This will be an album you put on, turn it up to eleven and immerse yourself into the music. 



Pre-Production Begins

         Ell in pre-productionDave in pre-productionJake in pre-productionHeath in pre-productionPre-production

The Studio   

In the studioIn the studioIn the studio.The StudioThe Studio

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