The Red Roof Barn

The response we have been getting for Red Roof Barn has been nothing short of incredible. The barn is a barnstormer. The barn is packed to the rafters. That Red Roof Barn song is sure to be a hit.

We launched our first single from our forthcoming album, Catching Lightning, on the 20th October to an ecstatic sold out crowd at Lazybones in Sydney.
Now, community radio station across right across Australia are playing it. This week, it's now No.1 on the regional charts and many more broadcasters are downloading it this week.

Here's what people are saying....
I adore Red Roof Barn! I love Welter's blend of intimacy and ball-busting rock! So looking forward to the album. I can picture you guys playing it live in a bar every time I hear it; What I would give to see you and your band perform live in Sydney!
P. Moffatt. Berlin

Those stalwarts of sweat filled rootsy, truth telling Aussie pub rock, Welter, crank it up to another level with Red Roof Barn. A searing slice of sonic beauty with a dash of Tasmanian Gothic,. Destined for classic status! 
R. Cribb. Melbourne    

A band that conjures images into your mind, Welter has a masterful way of melting story into their rock-roots sound. 
Solid drum grooves and searing guitar work encapsulates the authenticity of the band’s song craft.  Their new single, ‘Red Roof Barn’ is another belter from Welter! 
G. Nunan, Sydney

A song with a story, a catchy riff and a great tune that rocks - indicative of the sticky songwriting talents of Elliott Weston. Red Roof Barn sounds like a pretty cool, if not, hot place to be kicking back with a bottle of Green Ginger Wine. Welter knows how to create that picture in your mind with poignant lyrics and a masterful command of attention-grabbing arrangements, complementary melody that fits so snugly with Weston's poetic musings. 
P. Bromley. North Coast, NSW

This rocking, hook laden song is a prime example of high caliber songwriting and musicianship from Welter - do yourself a favor and have a listen.
R. Green Sydney
 Photo by Brendan Read
It's pretty hard to wipe the smile off our faces at the moment. :)

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  • Red roof barn is probably my favourite song from the band to date.

    I love where you guys are taking your music to, it’s lyrics, fun, moving and above all else, engaging.

    Kipling Kear

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