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Album Launch 2023 

Welter - Catching Lightning Album Launch 24/03/2023

“Why is it so?” Welter strode onto stage accompanied by a backing track peppered with the words of Julius Sumner Miller and launched into the title track, Catching Lightning. Sumner Miller was a lion of science education so  may have appreciated the idea behind the song.


Dave Williams on drums, Jake Parker, Bass, the guitars of Heath Nicholson and Elliott Weston rhythm Guitar and lead vocals immediately showed how connected this band is. They played with intensity and passion that underlied the frustration of lockdowns and isolation where this new material was composed. 

Two songs from the album have been picked up by radio, the barnstorming Red Roof Barn and tender Phoebe had a Blue Moon. The later was a show stopper for the night. The songs intricate arrangement builds and grows and the whole group really leaned into this extremely moving song. Weston’s voice powered to the end to the audience's rapturous applause. Red Roof Barn and the new belter from Welter Tinderbox closed out the night. Finally, Weston called on the Great Club Choir to join him in the chorus to the Welter gem Bondi. A perfect close out for the launch.

The audience were treated to a great night of storytelling, powerful songs and great musicianship from an accomplished tight band. After this they had to tiptoe quietly from the room due to neighboring noise complaints. Incredible this happens in the heart of Sydney but an incredible night.

The night started with Liza Ohlback, a voice that is all 1940’s New Orleans burlesque. The crowd loved her soulful voice and her deliciously dark torch songs. Supported by drums and acoustic guitar, the understated nature of the backing fitted her delivery perfectly.

For anyone who has not been to the Great Club in Sydney, you really need to check out this room. It feels like you are transported to an underground London club as this space exudes coolness and class. A perfect stage for Welter’s album launch of Catching Lightning on the 24th of March.

Catching Lightning out NOW!

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