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Satellite Generation (Digital)

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Satellite Generation is our first full album release. With 12 tracks and a hidden track (hey, it was the thing to do back then to hide tracks lol), this album was where we really started to find our sound, acoustic folk-rock, music to make you feel good, songs about things that matter in our lives.

It was here we developed a strong connection with Producer Tony Wall, who by the way, is one funny son of a gun and known to us as Brian (you had to be there). Our relationship with Tony has continued now for 3 albums. Tony has now worked with the likes of Kiss through to Ed Sheeran and currently works for Russell Crowe's production company, so we are very lucky indeed.

So sit back, pour a glass of your favourite and listen to some music for the good life!


#Musicforthegoodlife #Justlisten